General Tips

luggageTraveling always requires preparation, especially if you are a person with disability. Making sure that everything is under control is crucial for a pleasant trip. Your preparation depends on kind of disability you are dealing with. There is a difference, for example, between physical and sensor impairments and according to your special needs, you will create your journey plan. Also keep in mind that different countries have different regulations regarding this topic.

No matter how difficult your preparation for a trip may seem in the first place, keep in mind that it is never impossible to arrange it, and there is always a solution to make a trip pleasant even to the furthest cities and countries.

What is also important to keep in mind is that, like everything else in life, practice makes it perfect. If you are traveling for the first time by plane, you might overlook some things, but you won’t repeat them next time. No matter how often you travel, it’s always good to have checklist.

For your best travel experience you can check accessible places reviews on and, of course, you can add your experience to make it easier for someone else. On our blog pages we are going to present disability related travel news and some tips for traveling with disabilities.

Quick Tips:

  • Plan your trip and prepare a checklist
  • Make sure to carry enough food, water and medications, if it’s a longer trip
  • Announce your trip to airway, train or bus companies you are going to travel with
  • Make sure they will arrange safe departure and arrival
  • Inform your family and friends of your trip
  • Take fully charged and trusted cell phone with you
  • Make sure that your wheelchair, scooter or power wheelchair is handled with care
  • Take the wheelchair manual with you
  • Check out emergency numbers of the Country you’re going to visit
  • Book your travel with the agency that works with people with disabilities
  • Try to relay on experience and reviews from other people with disabilities

Help other people with disabilities and share your travel experience.