Beaver Lake Mountain Resort


Sign at Beaver Lake


Welcome to Beaver Lake Mountain Resort!

I never really paid attention to the accessibility at Beaver Lake Mountain Resort until i decided to do a review. The lake resort has 20 cabins, five of which are fairly accessible without assistance


One of the more accessible cabins for wheelchair and walker users

, three of which are accessible with assistance(5,9,14)


Cabin number #14 note the steps down to the deck area.

and seven that are not accessible to get into at all. Beaver Lake also has  53 campsites with campsite #31 being the most accessible.

The most accessible site in my opinion is site #31

The first place you will ned to go upon arrival at Beaver Lake is the convenience store, to check in. The store can be accessed by wheelchair/ walker users via a ramp located at the side of the store.

Ramp is located at the side of the building.

Ramp is located at the side of the building.

The bathroom in every cabin is unfortunately not accessible unless you can walk a short distance as the doorways are very narrow, and there is no room inside the bathrooms to turn around in a wheelchair or with a walker. There is, however, a shower building up near the campgrounds that are sort of accessible.If you’re in a power wheelchair it would be very tough to access but a manual wheelchair would be no Problem

.Shower stalls

You can relax at the Lotus Wellness Retreat, where you can be pampered with up to six options for reflexology,massage exercise, and meditation. The wheelchair access is at the back, through the ground floor entrance to the retreat center.


Lotus Wellness Retreat.

I would highly recommend a trip to Beaver Lake, which can be found 20 minutes from Winfield, BC. For more information about Beaver Lake, check out their website at

Jeff Bourne,

Accessibility advisor

Edited by,

Rachael Kimola.